The second coming of WCW.....

As the clock struck 12 on New Year’s eve and 2019 arrived, Cody Rhodes and company announced the arrival if All Elite Wrestling on their Being The Elite YouTube series. Having the financial backing of multi-billionaire Shahid Khan, fans started comparing between the then yet-to-be televised promotion and WWE, the wrestling behemoth. The excitement and unpredictability of what this new promotion could offer, along with the immense talent from the independent circuit, led to the success of AEW’s Double or Nothing.

With the promotion continuing to impress every week, it is only a matter of time before which AEW introduces new titles. As of this writing, there are three titles active in the AEW:

  1. AEW World Championship held by Jon Moxley
  2. AEW World Tag Team Championship held by Kenny Omega and Adam Page
  3. AEW Women’s Championship held by Nyla Rose

So, without further ado, let me present to you the three new titles which can be introduced by AEW, for your reading pleasure, dear readers.

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1) 6-Man Tag Team Championship

Like ROH, AEW too can have 6-Man Tag Team Titles

I know the first thing you, our intelligent readers, will say, “Doesn’t AEW already have a tag team championship?” Yes, there is a Tag Team Championship in AEW, but it doesn’t mean that the company cannot replace the existing set of twin belts. That is if they aren’t planning to keep both the titles simultaneously. Since day one, AEW has been focusing on building a super-strong tag team division. Each episode of Dynamite has plenty of tag team matches, often featuring wrestlers from the singles division.

So, I won’t be surprised if AEW decides to step it up a notch and introduce 6-Man Tag Team Championships. Just think about it! There are so many stables in AEW, namely the current tag champions SCU, Jurassic Express, Best Friends and Orange Cassidy, Inner Circle, and The Elite. There are a lot of talents in AEW’s locker room waiting to showcase their talent. Giving these talents a chance to team up and make the tag team division more interesting will surely be the best thing to do. Also, this will allow AEW to present a different type of tag team wrestling than WWE on a platform as large as theirs. AEW has been about serving a product different from conventional wrestling and introducing these titles will be a small, but a progressive step in this direction.

2) An iteration of the Television Championship

The revival of yet another WCW concept?

It is a tradition for wrestling promotions to introduce mid-card championships to give their talents a chance to prove themselves worthy of a world title shot. For example, A dominant and exciting run as the WWE Intercontinental Champion in 2018 prompted WWE management to push Seth Rollins back into the main event picture.

Something similar can be done by AEW to make sure that the superstar selected by them will be able to carry the company on his shoulders. Also, this will allow the company to convert many superstars into household names. There can be many ways to go about it, with AEW introducing either a Television Title or a Dark Championship.

The Television Championship is a title which the titleholder has to defend on each televised event of the wrestling promotion. This title was an integral part of WCW. With AEW reintroducing quite a few things from the WCW era, seeing this title in AEW wouldn’t be much of a surprise. Moreover, this allows AEW to present rubber matches every week, with no storyline involved. AEW has a lot of talented wrestlers like Jimmy Havoc, Shawn Spears, and Darby Allin, who do not have a long term storyline.

John Cena’s open challenge did a lot to elevate the WWE United States Championship. Given that this title will be put up for grabs each week, one can only wonder if this will become the workhorse title of AEW.

Another idea would be to introduce the Dark Championship, which can be won only in dark matches, pay-per-views, or on an episode of AEW Dark. This way, AEW can bring more eyeballs to their secondary show, which can itself become AEW’s second brand in the long-term.

3) Mixed Tag Team Championships

Pentagon Jr. as the AAA Mixed Tag Team Champion

Casual fans of wrestling may be aware of the Mixed Match Challenge (MMC), two seasons of which have been already organized by WWE. Season One of the Mixed Match Challenge was a huge success. Season two wasn’t loved much by the fans, but the reason behind this was not the match quality, but the removal of various superstars due to injury.

Impact Wrestling’s next PPV: Hard to Kill, will be headlined by an intergender title match between Tessa Blanchard and Impact World Champion Sami Callihan. Fans have reacted positively to this and are looking forward to this matchup. Even the critics and hardcore fans are appreciating Impact wrestling for this bold decision.

In short, both the casual and hardcore fans are loving the concept of intergender rivalries and enjoy watching these type of matches. When there is a division that is loved so much by the wrestling fans, I’m sure AEW will try to bring it in their promotion as well. AEW should go forward with the Mixed Tag Team titles because this will bring more eyeballs to the women of AEW. AEW’s Women’s division isn’t exactly the most exciting thing in the world. When a non-wrestler in Brandi Rhodes is the hottest thing in the division, you can be sure that there is a lot to be fixed. Pairing up with men will give more screentime to the AEW women, who are relatively unknown to casual fans. Moreover, these female superstars can go after their male counterparts as well, maybe even betraying their partners! If this doesn’t give the company a few compelling, I don’t know what does.

Lastly, AEW can further their propaganda of promoting tag team wrestling and serve a product different from WWE, which is what AEW has been all about since the start.

So, here are the three titles which should be introduced by AEW, in my opinion. Which championship, according to you, should be announced by All Elite Wrestling, dear readers? Do drop in your opinion in the comments box!



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