About us

Sportnewswale.com was launched on July 1, 2018, with a mission to provide precise & frequent news updates, hard-hitting analysis, and constructive media reviews from the multiple realms of Pro-Wrestling universe to inform and entertain Pro-Wrestling fans around the globe.

Founder and owner of sportnewswale.com, “Amol Lohar” is an enormous Pro-Wrestling enthusiast, and now he has turned his focus towards turning his passion into his profession with sportnewswale.com.

With a vision to cater to the ever-growing audience of Pro-Wrestling in the country, Amol is dedicated to making sportnewswale.com a one-stop website for the entire content related Pro-Wrestling world.

What is the meaning of Sport News Wale: SportNewsWale means the source which serves news related to Sports. “Wale is a Hindi word, which means serving or providing something”