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Authors Of Pain: Akam and Razer

Authors of pain height, weight, age, biography, body measurements and more. The personality which looks like a wild Hollywood Army. They Mostly Use short-form AOP. The names behind this are Akam And Rezar. Wrestler Akam is Sunny Dhinsa and Rezar is Grim Selmani.

Authors of pain debuted in 8 June 2016 in tag team partners with wrestling manager Paul Ellering. This is Villainous Professional tag team wrestlers of the WWE Raw brand. This both are very strong persons and looks little similar by wearing the same clothes and hat.


Akam nationality

Akam is a Canadian and Indian professional wrestler and His family is Punjabi or Sikh, So he has an Indian background. So WWE made him Indo-Canadian. after all he also knows Punjabi and Hindi language. He debuts in professional wrestling in 4 April 2015. Trained By WWE performance center. Akam is a Gold medalist in Canada Summer Games and silver medalist in Pan American Games. He was an Amateur Wrestler but he leaves that after getting a contract with WWE.

Most of the fans are confused about is Akam Indian? because WWE launched him as an Indian guy, as he doesn’t look like Indian, because his partner Rezar is Brazilian. For your kind information, Akam has Indian origin, but he lives in Canada.

  • Real Name: Sunny Dhinsa.
  • Born in Canada, Age: 25. Birth: 20 May 1993
  • Language: Hindi, Punjabi, English
Is wwe akam indian?
Akam in India

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