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Authors Of Pain: Akam and Razer

Authors of pain height, weight, age, biography, body measurements and more. The personality which looks like a wild Hollywood Army. They Mostly Use short-form AOP. The names behind this are Akam And Rezar. Wrestler Akam is Sunny Dhinsa and Rezar is Grim Selmani.

Authors of pain Biography

Authors of pain debuted in 8 June 2016 in tag team partners with wrestling manager Paul Ellering. This is Villainous Professional tag team wrestlers of the WWE Raw brand. This both are very strong persons and looks little similar by wearing the same clothes and hat.


Wrestling Moves:

  • Authors Of Pain Wrestling Moves Double-team finishing moves: Super Collider (Stereo powerbombs, after colliding their opponents). And The Last Chapter (Russian leg sweep / Lariat combination)
  • Double-team signature moves Neckbreaker (Akam) / sit-out powerbomb (Rezar) combination. Sidewalk slam (Rezar) / diving stomp from the second rope (Akam) combination. Then Spinning sidewalk slam (Rezar) / running big boot (Akam) combination

Authors Of Pain Language: English, Hindi (Akam), Albanian (Razer)

Manager: Paul Ellering.

Akam Biography :

Akam is a Canadian and Indian professional wrestler and His family is Punjabi or Sikh, So he has an Indian background. So WWE made him Indo-Canadian after all he also know Punjabi and Hindi language. He debuts in professional wrestling in 4 April 2015. Trained By WWE performance center. Akam is a Gold medalist in Canada Summer Games and silver medalist in Pan American Games. He was an Amateur Wrestler but he leaves that after getting a contract with WWE.

Credit: WWE
  • Real Name: Sunny Dhinsa.
  • Born in Canada, Age: 25. Birth: 20 May 1993
  • Language: Hindi, Punjabi, English

Body measurements and facts:

  1. Height : 6’3″
  2. Weight : 130-132 kg
  3. Chest Size: nearly 52 inches
  4. biceps size: nearly 20 inches
  5. Pwi rating: 220 in 2017
  6. Winning percentage: 61.18 %
  7. Star Rating : maximum in NXT TV Tapping (4.25****/*)

Wrestling Moves:

  • Finishing Moves: Pumphandle Death Valley driver
  • Akam Signature moves Backbreaker rack, DDT, Death Valley driver into the turnbuckles. Powerbomb. Running big boot. Running power slam. Russian leg sweep.

Rezar Biography :

Rezar is an Albanian Professional Wrestler But grew up in the Netherlands He is a mixed material artist, Bellator MMA, Bamma UK, World Pro Kickboxing Heavyweight Champion. He is Trained By WWE performance center. Also known as Albanian psycho.

Credit: WWE

Body Measurements and facts:

  1. Height: 6’4″
  2. Weight: 140 kg to 149 kg (approx in between)
  3. Chest Size: nearly 52.5 to 53 inches
  4. Biceps Size: nearly 21 inches
  5. Age: 24. Born: 16 June 1994
  6. PWI rating: 224 in 2017
  7. Winning percentage: 63.70 %
  8. Debut: 30 January 2016
  9. Star rating : (4.25****/*) in nxt tag team title
  10. Language: English, Albanian

Wrestling Moves:

  • Double-team finishing moves
  • SuperCollider (Stereo powerbombs, after colliding their opponents)
  • The Last Chapter (Russian leg sweep (Akam) / Lariat (Rezar) combination)

History of the Authors of pain :

NXT- 2016–2018

The team made their televised NXT debut on June 8, 2016, at NXT TakeOver: The End, attacking American Alpha (Jason Jordan and Chad Gable) after they had lost the NXT Tag Team Championship to The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder). Ellering appeared on the ramp following the assault, signaling his association with the two.
On June 15 episode of NXT, the AOP won their first televised match and were accompanied by Ellering. On November 19, the duo won the 2016 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, defeating TM-61 in the tournament final at NXT Take Over event: Toronto.
Then, the two were set to face David Ramos and Timothy Bumpers. Before the match could begin, SAnitY attacked Ramos and Bumpers. Akam and Rezar turned face then battled with Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain, disposing of the two before a staredown.
Raw (2018–present): On the April 9 edition of Raw, The Authors of Pain, along with Ellering, made their main roster debut as heels, defeating Heath Slater & Rhyno. Following the match, Akam & Rezar told Ellering to back off, signaling that he was no longer going to manage the group. on the April 16 episode of Raw, The Authors of Pain defeated Heath Slater and Rhyno in a rematch.
On the April 30 episode of Raw, The Authors of Pain defeated Jean-Paul and Francois. The Authors of Pain have not appeared on Raw since however, they appeared on the May 20 episode of Main Event where they defeated Titus World Wide. AOP made their Raw return on the June 25 episode of Raw where the Authors of Pain defeated Rich and Rex Gibson.
16 Sept 2019: The Authors of Pain made their return on Monday night’s episode of Raw. The two appeared in a video package on the show, saying they’re the future of the tag team division. They’ve been off TV since January when Akam suffered a leg injury.

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