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Awesh Kumar

Awesh Kumar

Awesh Pradyumna Kumar is Indian Professional Wrestler, according to him he is also a Wrestling Coach, Former General Manager Of CWE (Continental Wrestling Entertainment) currently signed to AWE, As an independent wrestler.

Body Measurements:

  1. Height: 6 feet
  2. Weight: 92 kg
  3. Chest size: 46 inches
  4. Biceps Size: 18 inches
  5. Waist size: 36 inches
  6. Thighs: 25 inches
  7. Age: 24


Awesh Kumar is from Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh), India. Born on 6 October 1993, Who Started his professional wrestling training and cwe wrestling on 26 August 2016 at Jalander, in The great khali academy (cwe). And he is the first person who started hardcore wrestling in India. And he also is known as King Of Hardcore. And in 2019 he signed with AWE.



Started training in August-2016 at CWE Academy Jalandhar Punjab India.
· Got first singles against former CWE Champion Surya Taker on Sept-2016 worked as a face.
· On November-2016 being appointed as the Inring as well Official General Manager of CWE & help in the enormous growth of the company during my time as the G.M.
· On March-2017 officially quit the General Manager post to focus more on my In-Ring career as a performer.
· During my reigns as the General Manager has developed numerous characters for other wrestlers also have created some of the greatest babyfaces by feuding with them and creating storylines as a heel General Manager + wrestler.
· Have some of the best matches in CWE also run the first-ever CWE Slammy Awards on December-2016
· On December-2016 won the most dedicated wrestler award by The Great Khali on CWE Slammy Awards.
· Battled in many International Mega shows and widely known for Hardcore Matches & Death Matches.
· Battled with international superstars Hernandez & Christopher Raaber in front of over 1 lakh crowd at Himachal Pradesh CWE Mega shows.


  1. Style: Brawler, Hardcore, Submission Specialist
  2. Favorite moves: Power Slam, Pepsi Twist, Tilt-o-Whirl, Falcon Arrow, Package
    Power Bomb, High Knee.
  3. Signature Moves: Face Buster Indian, Spine Buster, WTG(Way To God
  4. Submission Moves: Bermuda Hold, Anaconda Vice, Indian Death Lock, Calf Killer,
    Scorpion Death Lock
  5. Finisher: Sudden Death 1, Sudden Death 2, Fall of Titans, Pedigree

Notable Feuds:
1. Rocking Ali
2. SuperboY
3. V.I.P
4. Mr. Understand

Profession: Professional Wrestler, Actor, Former General Manager of cwe And he is also a wrestling coach.

Other: 1) what is hardcore wrestling: Hardcore wrestling is a form of professional wrestling where disqualifications, count-outs, and all other different rules do not apply.

Taking place in usual or unusual environments, hardcore wrestling matches allow the use of numerous items, including ladders, tables, chairs, thumbtacks, barbed wire, light tubes, shovels, baseball bats, golf clubs, hammers, axes, chains, crowbars, wrenches, tongs, and other improvised weapons used as foreign objects. Although hardcore wrestling is a staple of most wrestling promotions, where they are often used at the climaxes of feuds, some promotions (such as Big Japan Pro Wrestling, International Wrestling Syndicate, Combat Zone Wrestling) specialize in hardcore wrestling, with many matches performed in this manner.

Hardcore wrestling became acknowledged as a major wrestling style first in Japan with promotions such as Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling and W*ING. It then became successful in America with Extreme Championship Wrestling. The World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment capitalized on the success and introduced the WWF Hardcore Championship in the 1990s. The WWF soon began to turn the matches into comedy skits, illustrating the ridiculousness they involved. Hardcore contrasts with traditional mat-based wrestling, where solid technical skills are preferred over hardcore’s stunt works, blood, sweat, gore, and severe shock value.

2) About cwe: Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) is an Indian professional wrestling promotion and training academy.

The owner (s): Dalip Singh Rana

Founder(s): Dalip Singh Rana

Headquarters: Jalandhar, Punjab, India

3) About The Great Khali Cwe: In February 2015, Khali opened his own wrestling school in Punjab, Continental Wrestling Entertainment, which held its first event on 12 December 2015.