Here is a discussion to know about WWE NXT Superstar Bianca Belair Hairs and hair braid reality. I know you are confused about those long hairs. Are they real or not? First of all, Read what Belair said about her long hair in an interview with Jim Varsallone from the Miami Herald. He was asked, how long it takes to prepare before matches?

“I’ve never actually measured the hair, but it’s almost to the floor. It’s pretty long. It almost touches, I would say it’s between my ankle and my knee, so somewhere mid-calf, so that’s the length of my hair. It’s pretty long. Preparing the hair for every match is a task. I’m not even going to lie about that. It’s a task. I’m probably one of the last girls in the back to get ready. It’s a lot I put into the braid. It’s not something that everyone can do and that’s what makes it special. All the work I put in the braid is worth it, so I’m not even going to complain how much time it takes to do the braid.”


Are Biance Belair Hairs real?

But this latest picture is confusing again. Belair uploaded this picture in July 2019. there are many such pictures are available on her Instagram account.

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Hairs can be Real But braid can’t. Both pictures are latest and real which are available on Bianca Belair’s official Instagram account.

Watch Bianca Belair Hair Whip Compilation


According to Bianca, her hairs are Real. But I don’t know Is all those hairs are natural or not, Because these images will confuse everyone. Does she use hair extension or this is natural? Comment below and tell us what you think about Bianca Belair Hairs.



  1. Maybe the mid-back length is real, but the full braid would be like 20+ years of growth. Wondering how it doesn’t get caught on ropes or something, but others may have that problem too (e.g. shotzi b).

  2. Even in the first picture, it’s not all her natural hair and she’s wearing a weave. If you Google her, you can find pictures of her with shoulder length hair, which is more than likely closer to her natural hair length. No matter what, the braid is fierce and she rocks it!

  3. I believe it’s real hair but not hers. Extensions weaved into her own hair to give it strength and to hold in place in case of pulling so it won’t dislodge.

  4. Of coarse it’s Not real….but it is her signature look I am surprised it stays on it must be heavy to drag around 🙄


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