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Here’s How Much the Chris Jericho Earns per Year in All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

Chris Jericho has taken the wrestling world by storm after making his shocking debut in AEW. Tony Khan and Chris Jericho are good friends. Tony is the founder and creator of All Elite Wrestling and Chris Jericho’s new boss! He’s also a diehard wrestling fan, who grew up loving Chris Jericho, ECW, and trading and collecting tapes.

Most of the AEW superstars have a multi-year contract in All Elite Wrestling. This are including Jon Moxley, Chris Jericho, Dustin Rhodes, and more. Tony Khan confirms that Jericho is signed to a multi-year contract. He will be a regular part of the AEW TV show. Jericho is a full-time wrestler of AEW.


AEW owner Tony Khan seems to be thinking along the same lines as he commented on wrestlers having better schedules, following the Double or Nothing rally. All Elite Wrestling may even drive WWE’s more established competitor to offer more entertaining content, higher salaries, and a more diverse roster.

AEW & Salaries

With Cody talking up better salaries and a different economy for pro wrestlers, AEW figures to offer a worthwhile alternative for burnt out or overlooked WWE Superstars, especially with the possible incentive of healthcare in the future. Chris Jericho is one of the highest-paid wrestlers in AEW.

Every WWE and AEW professional wrestler make a lot of money. In fact, according to Business Insider, the highest-paid male WWE wrestler, John Cena, gets paid $10 million, and others, like Brock Lesnar, get paid $6.5 million. And According to some interviews of Tony khan and Cody, AEW also gives similar salaries like WWE to some main roster. But some new wrestlers can be paid less than a million-dollar. We will publish a list of all wrestlers with there salaries and net worth when will AEW officially announces that news.

Rumors suggested that Chris Jericho’s salary is over $3 million per year. Jericho’s exact numbers aren’t known. But This amount is reportedly significantly more than what WWE was offering him and with fewer dates to work as well, it might have just been very easy for him to make the decision in the end.

Chris Jericho’s net worth

As of 2020, the estimated Net Worth of Chris Jericho is $18 million.

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