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Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE)

Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) is an Indian Pro Wrestling School and training center in Jalandhar, Punjab, India. The Founder and Owner of The CWE, Dalip Singh Rana (The Great Khali) is a former WWE wrestler. The school has produced some well-known wrestlers such as Kavita Devi and Shanky Singh.

Continental Wrestling Entertainment
HeadquartersJalandhar, Punjab, India (144025)
Founder(s)Dilip Singh Rana (The Great Khali)
FormerlyCWE official Website is g8cwe

List of all cwe wrestlers

List of all cwe wrestlers
right side female wrestler is Rebel, and the middle is Katie Forbes with Khali

Male Wrestlers:

  1. Badshah Khan
  2. Om Kashyap
  3. Dushyant Kumar
  4. Bazigar: Indian full-time wrestler
  5. Buddy Light and Parul
  6. Singh Jossan
  7. Punjabi Express Tag-Team
  8. Suryataker
  9. Arya z:  from Rajasthan
  10. Shiva
  11. Monu
  12. Jeetu Choudhary: from Haryana
  13. Bhaskar
  14. Sagar Nama
  15. Lumberjack
  16. Honda Saab: former CWE tag team champion
  17. Pandey Ji
  18. prince
  19. Rohit Waghmare
  20. Goswami
  21. Arif Khan
  22. Jey Jackson: (stylish Tamilian) New national champion
  23. Raju
  24. Radhe Radhe
  25. Raghudev Baba: popular and full-time wrestler
  26. Kamlesh
  27. Jatinder Singh
  28. Super VIP
  29. Dinesh Kumar: one of the best athletic
  30. handsome falcons
  31. Rao Prithvi Singh
  32. Baljeet the Hitler
  33. Vivek: (from Gaya Bihar)
  34. C people party
  35. Singham Dubey Ji: (from Andaman Nicobar) World Heavyweight Champion
  36. Punjabi Lion Harman
  37. Sarbajeet
  38. Ambrish Singh
  39. Karen
  40. Sultan: full-time wrestler
  41. Sunil Dahiya (from Sonipeth)
  42. Prateek Choudhary
  43. Divyianshu Panday: (from Bihar)
  44. Dhruv Sharma from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh
  45. Aditya from Nagpur Maharashtra
  46. Sallu: from Patna Bihar
  47. Laxmikant Rajput: He is from U P. He got selected in WWE.
  48. Mr. Prajapati: from Patana
  49. Krishna Shukla: (Mr.VIP) from ‬ ‪UttarPradesh‬
  50. Sahil Sangwan: from Haryana
  51. Crimson: part-time wrestler from America
  52. Rudra: Defeated former champion Ashwani Babbar in a Saturday night CWE show to win the title
  53. Sukhi: Sukhwinder Grewal. He got selected in WWE through Tryout in Mumbai.
  54. Shanky Singh: Former CWE champion. He got selected in WWE through Tryout in Mumbai.

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Women Wrestlers

  1. Divya Aale aka Cheeni Alia: woman wrestler and anchor from India
  2. Reeta: woman wrestler
  3. Katie Forbes: part-time woman wrestler from united states
  4. Sunny from Rajasthan
  5. Jayme lee: part-time wrestler
  6. B. B. Bull Bull: First Indian professional women’s wrestler.
  7. Santana Garrett: Former NWA World Women’s Champion and Shine Champion. Looks beautiful
  8. Renee Michelle: Former ECWA Women’s Champion. Bold personality
  9. Katie Forbes: Shine wrestler. Bold personality
  10. Chelsea Green: Impact Wrestling wrestler. Looks beautiful
  11. Rebel: Tanea Brooks from the United States
  12. Kavita Devi: She is a former CWE wrestler. Currently signed WWE.


  1. Kamal (Female Trainee)
  2. Darier Sharma
  3. Ethen HD
  4. Card Road Ringers
  5. Magic Stady

Extra information about some popular wrestlers of CWE

Hard KD means Kavita Dalal (ring name Kavita Devi) is a first Indian professional woman wrestler who is signed WWE. She is trained by great khali in cwe wrestling, she also played his first WWE debut match and also in Mae young classic tournament, and some other matches.


Great khali is an owner of the cwe and also plays a vital role in cwe like he is also wrestling in cwe ring at the time of main events and also manage all things of the company.

Shanky Singh: cwe wrestling and great khali want to put him on great khali place and Shanky Singh also a great wrestler and have a flexible body he can be promoted from cwe. He is now preparing in the USA.

Chenni Alia (Divya): This is a woman wrestler in cwe who is popular in cwe wrestling and she looks bold and her videos are more popular on cwe YouTube channel. She got a good fan base on social media and YouTube.

Katia Forbes: She is an American woman wrestler, Who is popular for his sexy look. And bold personality. She is also a good wrestler. And she is a shine woman wrestler. She has good experience in wrestling. Katia Forbes was a cwe was champion, but now is Sunny Jaat.

Chelsea Green: this is an American woman wrestler. Who is also popular for her sexy look and bold personality. She is also a good wrestler. And she was first in impact wrestling American company. She has good experience in wrestling.

Santana Garrett: she is also an American wrestler. She is wrestled with Amber Nova and many with many wrestlers before, she has also good experience of wrestling. Santana Garret looks beautiful and she has also a bold personality.

BulBul bb: bulbul bb is a first woman wrestler of India in cwe. She has a heavyweight and she is a very powerful girl of cwe. BulBul bb is from India. And she is also a good wrestler and wrestled many times in cwe and she has good experience with wrestling.

Sunny Jaat: sunny Jaat is from India and she is cwe Diwa champion. She is a brave wrestler in cwe and looks attractive. She has a good experience with wrestling. Sunny Jaat is popular for her dressing in her different styles.

Awesh Kumar: Awesh Pradyumna Kumar is Indian Professional Wrestler, Wrestling Coach, Former General Manager Of CWE (Continental Wrestling Entertainment) currently signed to cwe.

About cweContinental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) is an Indian professional wrestling promotion and training academy or company which is owned by professional wrestler The Great Khali. Pro wrestler Joe Byrd (aka Xavier Justice) of Pure Pro Wrestling (Michigan, USA), along with other professional wrestlers Matt XStatic, Ethan HD and Darryl Sharma (aka Hornet) currently serve as trainers for the promotion and experience. This is starts in 24 Nov 2015. And his headquarter is in Jalandhar Punjab, India. His official website is 

The last big event of cwe is organized in Rajasthan, Udaipur. In this event lot of big matches are happened like cwe world heavyweight championship, woman wrestlers Diwas championship, raw like matches, etc. in Udaipur, Rajasthan event great khali is won in cwe World heavyweight championship against crimson. Crimson also a great wrestler who was an old wrestler of WWE and TNA. Cwe can be a big company after WWE in the future and the first Indian big wrestling company.



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