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Desi Hit Squad is a tag team or stable in Impact Wrestling. This stable consists of Rohit Raju, Gama Singh, Raj Singh, and new member Mahabali Shera. Gama Singh serving as a tag team manager.

Desi Hit Squad tag team
Desi Hit Squad tag-team members

Desi Hit Squad Members:

  1. Rohit Raju: “Rohit Raju” Aka Hakim Zane is an American professional wrestler currently signed to IMPACT Wrestling under the ring name Rohit Raju. He is one half of the tag team known as the Desi Hit Squad.
  2. Gama Singh:Munraj Sahota” is a Canadian professional wrestler known by the ring name Gama Singh. Sahota is the son of former professional wrestler Gama Singh. He is also the cousin of WWE wrestler Jinder Mahal.
  3. Mahabali Shera:Amanpreet Singh Randhawa” is an Indian professional wrestler, currently signed to Impact Wrestling under the ring name Mahabali Shera. He is a member of The Tag Team Desi Hit Squad.
  4. Raj Singh: Munraj Sahota” is a Canadian professional wrestler and the son of Gama Singh. He currently appearing for IMPACT Wrestling under the name Raj Singh as a member of the Desi Hit Squad.


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