Dusty Rhodes tag team classic 2021

Today we are going to discuss Dusty Rhodes tag team classic of 2021. As you know WWE released a  statement and tell the fans, that they will announce all teams, which are going to compete in Dusty Rhodes tag team classic on 1st January.

So why you are waiting for 1st January, I am going to predict some teams which can compete in this tournament. Before this let’s get known what is really this event going to do in 2021.


Date, Time, Location

Officially not announced yet, but for your kind information, this will be in March or August month, because this 16-team single-elimination tournament was established in August 2015 as a tribute to Rhodes. And this is an annual tournament. I will update the location soon.

The winners will get a trophy that is modeled in part after Rhodes’ signature “cowboy” style wrestling boots and also an NXT Tag Team Championship match (Title shot).

How much tag teams can compete

As you know in 2018 & 2019, WWE has arranged a tag team tournament of only 8 tag teams, but before that, there were 16 tag teams. This is 2020 and the most important point is WWE is taking care of each and every little thing about NXT. They are pushing many NXT wrestlers, who are talented and you know that NXT is full of talents and many wrestlers are very good. Thay deserve push and they have the ability to become bigger than any WWE wrestler.


coming soon




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