Awesh Kumar - The King of Hardcore

I recently got the opportunity to speak to Indian wrestler and Fusion Fight Federation representative Awesh Kumar. For those of you who don’t know him, Awesh Kumar is a big name on the Indian independent circuit, having tried out for WWE. He is also known for his tenure as the General Manager (both on-screen and off-screen) for The Great Khali’s Continental Wrestling Entertainment (wrestling school cum promotion). Known for his Hardcore in-ring style, he certainly has earned the ‘King of Hardcore’ nickname.

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So, without further ado, let us get straight to the interview!

Q. You have worked a lot on the Indian indie circuit. What are your views on WWE possibly coming to the subcontinent with NXT India?

Awesh Kumar: I believe it will take over the entire Bollywood and Entertainment Industry in India! I know they will come to India as we all do after working out of the nation. They (WWE) have shared their plans with us before, and it’s going to be amazing for every Indian wrestler, whether working for the company or not. It’s definitely going to bring out the best opportunities for all of us and will ensure a considerably better pay scale for every Indian wrestler and promoter.
Indian Indie circuit will make more money than it has ever for sure.

Q. Some advice for kids out there aspiring to become wrestlers.

Awesh Kumar: There is only one advice I would give: do not enter into this business if you are not willing to sacrifice at least five years of your life into just the developmental phase. Wrestling is highly stressful as a profession & payment is never guaranteed. So, if you are planning to do it and expecting to become rich overnight, do not pursue it. Do it only if you love it so much that you are willing to stay on the road 24/7, 365 days a year, or do not pursue wrestling at all.
Below is the video of full Interview.

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