Awesh Kumar - The King of Hardcore

I recently got the opportunity to speak to Indian wrestler and Fusion Fight Federation representative Awesh Kumar. For those of you who don’t know him, Awesh Kumar is a big name on the Indian independent circuit, having tried out for WWE. He is also known for his tenure as the General Manager (both on-screen and off-screen) for The Great Khali’s Continental Wrestling Entertainment (wrestling school cum promotion). Known for his Hardcore in-ring style, he certainly has earned the ‘King of Hardcore’ nickname.

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So, without further ado, let us get straight to the interview!

Q. Which wrestler(s) inspired you to become a wrestler?

Awesh Kumar: Even before I was born, my entire family was a big fan of pro-wrestling. So it has always been in my blood. I do not remember the first match I watched, but I have this feeling that I knew about professional wrestling from, like forever. But if I have to pick one name that has kept me hooked for all these years, it has to be Triple H. I have always been a fan. And even now, if you watch me wrestle, you will observe that I have tried to incorporate his wrestling style into mine. I am also a big fan of the entire Attitude Era.

Q. How difficult was it to get into wrestling, given that the Indian majority believes wrestling to be fake and something solely for children.

Awesh Kumar: It was very tough, stepping into this field after completing my B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, with people close to me expecting me to be something else that I am not. But, I chose my passion over everything and went for it.
Yes, the Indian majority believes wrestling is all fake and for kids, but let me tell you this. Even after all the reports you read from different individuals about pro-wrestling not being real, the highest number of subscribers of WWE Network is from India. So, these people can complain all they want, and they can brag about how fake they think it is, but they will always follow it, and it will always be one of their guilty pleasures.
Coming to the Fake part, it obviously is not. Just think about it: if I have to take a massive bump from a height of 10 feet onto thumbtacks, tables, floor or whatever and if they call my stunt double to perform it or if there is any safety provided for me to do it then you can say that it’s fake. But, I, like every other wrestler, wrestle in front of thousands of people with no retakes, no stuntmen, no option for safety but pure brutal bumps into stuff that you can’t even touch without the fear of getting injured. Then, my brother, I can proudly say that wrestling is not fake. Instead, it’s just too real and overwhelming for some individuals to handle.
Below is the Video of Full Interview.

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