Awesh Kumar - The King of Hardcore

I recently got the opportunity to speak to Indian wrestler and Fusion Fight Federation representative Awesh Kumar. For those of you who don’t know him, Awesh Kumar is a big name on the Indian independent circuit, having tried out for WWE. He is also known for his tenure as the General Manager (both on-screen and off-screen) for The Great Khali’s Continental Wrestling Entertainment (wrestling school cum promotion). Known for his Hardcore in-ring style, he certainly has earned the ‘King of Hardcore’ nickname.

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So, without further ado, let us get straight to the interview!

Awesh Kumar is a big name on the independent circuit, having wrestled all across the world. He was kind enough to talk to SNW, and we asked him about the differences he has seen or experienced on the Indian Independent Circuit, as compared to that in foreign countries.

The only difference is that the mentality of the audience you are wrestling in front of. See, if you wrestle extremely well in front of the Indian crowd but you weigh below 90 kg, then they will never take you seriously unless you are packing some hardcore stuff in your matches. That’s the only reason every Indian Indie show has at least one hardcore match.
But, if we ignore the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East, people have accepted this idea that size doesn’t matter and they appreciate your efforts and talent. In foreign countries, you do even half of the stuff that you do in India, Dude you’re going to be viral.

He also talked about how foreigners are treated as a big deal in the Indian circuit, irrespective of their talent:

Another thing that I have noticed performing in India is that it doesn’t matter how you look but if you bring in a foreign talent (no offense to them) who is not as talented as or doesn’t have a better physique than Indian wrestlers, he still manages to win over the Indian crowd as they look at them as if they are some extinct species making their way into the ring and that’s frustrating.

Moreover, he talked about how big crowds are essential for Independent shows succeeding in India:

Another huge difference is that when you are having a show in India, it will be successful only if there are thousands of people attending the show. But, if you look at the independent circuit outside of India, they can succeed even with an audience of 200, with all their merchandise being sold, along with bringing in talent from different regions and paying for the venue and all. You see, the expenses of organizing a show outside of India is about half the costing that is needed for organizing an event in India. The wrestlers there get paid much more than what we pay to our talents in India. I believe that a lack of exposure is responsible for the Indian Indie circuit not faring well.
Below is the Video of full Interview.

We would like to thank Awesh Kumar for taking the time out to interact with us. You can follow the King of Hardcore on Facebook and Instagram as well!

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