How to join AEW, to become an AEW Wrestler

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is an American professional wrestling promotion founded on 1st, January 2019. The Owner of AEW is Shahid Khan and his son Tony. Cody Rhodes, Matt Jackson, and Nick Jackson are the promotion’s contracted talents. they are also serving as in-ring performers and executive vice presidents alongside Kenny Omega, who is the fellow professional wrestler and co-founder of The Elite. Brandy  Rhodes is a chief brand officer.

On October 2, 2019, AEW started a two-hour weekly TV show, AEW Dynamite, airing live on TNT in the United States. AEW headquarter is in 1 TIAA Bank Field Dr, Jacksonville, Florida, United States.


Every AEW or WWE fan will be interested to become a popular Superstar and there another side will earn a lot of money or respect. But joining AEW is not so easy. You can easily join AEW or WWE If you have the right stuff, stamina, strength, incredible character, and some background in sports or Wrestling.

First of all, check some conditions for joining any pro wrestling promotion including AEW: Your age should be 18 or more and the other is you need some experience in sports, on-ground games or wrestling. This is good if Your background is in Sports, outdoor games or any type of wrestling. AEW mostly signs wrestlers who are from the background of WWE, MMA, NFL, Olympic, Athletics, Military, Bodybuilding, etc

But AEW has not announced anything about requirements. Stay updated with we will inform you about every AEW update that you need to know.

For more information, you can read some tips below to increase your stamina, skills, height, weight, etc

  1. Join Any Pro Wrestling Academy and start training.
  2. Have good eyesight.
  3. Keep your body flexible.
  4. Be prepared to travel a lot and/or relocate.
  5. Start playing sports early in life.
  6. Train rigorously.
  7. Keep your body in excellent condition.
  8. Join teams and clubs dedicated to your sport.
  9. Try out for competitions and tournaments in your sport
  10. Like a pro athlete, your job follows you everywhere. Being a pro athlete is like being a
  11. famous actor or singer.
  12. You need Perfect body size, flexibility, strength, agility, personality, charisma, etc

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What about AEW Try-Out

AEW does not announce any update about holding any tryout in any country. But AEW will be scattered globally in the future. So I hope they will conduct any tryout soon.



      • No they are not scripted because of these 2 reasons that I know of so far
        A. AEW have a freedom to speak what ever they want but in WWE they have to fallow a script.
        B. wins and loses maters i’m saying that AEW does not have scripted matches but in WWE have scripted matches.

        Please respond if you have a chance.

  1. Wrestling has been my dream since i was 3 I’m now 16 and i do nothing but train but I’m not putting on any muscle mass can anyone help???


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