List of all Indian Wrestlers in WWE 2020

Check out the full list of all Indian Wrestlers, who are currently signed with WWE. Also, read about their current status. Below is the list of all Indian or Indian origin wrestlers, who are signed with WWE.

1) Jinder Mahal

Indian wrestlers in wwe
Photo: WWE

Yuvraj Singh Dhesi aka Jinder Mahal is an Indo-Canadian Professional Wrestler, currently signed to WWE. He is also known as a modern-day maharaja. He is half Indian and half Canadian. Jinder Mahal is Former WWE champion and former WWE champion.

  1. Height:  1.96 m
  2. Weight:  108 kg
  3. Age: 33
  4. Debut: 2010

2) Akam

Indian wrestlers in wwe
Photo: WWE

Sunny Dhinsa aka Akam is an Indo-Canadian Professional Wrestler, currently signed to WWE. He is also known for one-half of the Authors of Pain (AOP). He is Former NXT tag team champion with Rezar, and also Raw tag team champion.

  1. Height: 1.9 m
  2. Weight: 290 lb (132 kg)
  3. Age: 26
  4. Debut: 2014

3) Jeet Rama

Indian wrestlers in wwe

Satender Dagar aka Jeet Rama is an Indian professional wrestler currently signed to the NXT brand of WWE. Jeet Rama is famous for his wrestling skills and his finisher Jeetplexcity. Currently, he mostly and regularly wrestles in nxt house shows.

  1. Height: 6 ft 4 in (193 cm)
  2. Weight: 235 lb (107 kg)
  3. Age: 12 January 1981 (age 38)
  4. Debut: 29 September 2015

4) Kavita Devi

Kavita Dalal (Kavita Devi)

Kavita Devi is a first Indian woman wrestler in WWE NXT. She is a Gold medalist in women’s weightlifting 75 kg. Kavita Mostly wrestles in Mae Young Classic tournaments and some PPV of WWE. She rarely fights in House shows of NXT.

  1. Height: 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)
  2. Weight: 63 kg 139 lbs pounds
  3. Age: 20 September 1986 (age 33)
  4. Debut: 2016

5) Saurav Gurjar


Saurav Gurjar is an Indian Professional wrestler, Actor, and sportsperson. Currently signed with WWE NXT. He mostly wrestles with Rinku Singh as a tag team partner. They mostly wrestle in NXT house shows.  In 2020, they made their NXT TV Debut.

  1. Height: 2.03 m (6 ft 8 in)
  2. Weight: 135 kg (298 lb)
  3. Age: 5 June 1984 (age 35)
  4. Debut: 2018

6) Rinku Singh

Indian wrestlers in wwe

Rinku Singh Rajput is an Indian professional wrestler and baseball player. Currently signed to WWE NXT. Rinku and Saurav mostly wrestle together as a tag team named Namaste. They mostly wrestle in NXT house shows.

  1. Height: 1.90 m  6 feet 3 inches
  2. Weight: 86 kg
  3. Age: 8 August 1988 (age 31)
  4. Debut: 31 May 2018

7. Gurvinder Singh aka Shanky Singh

Indian wrestler shanky Singh
Shanky Singh

Shanky Singh is an Indian professional wrestler and actor, currently signed to CWE Wrestling. He is got selected by WWE in Feb 2020. He is Billed from Jalandhar, Punjab, India. Shanky is Trained by The Great Khali. He is a CWE World Heavyweight Champion since May 07, 2018, by defeating Faruqua Khan and also CWE Tag Team Champion with The Giant Wonder. Shanky will join the WWE performance center soon with Laxmikant Rajpoot, and Sukhwinder Grewal. (Not signed)

8. Laxmi Kant Rajpoot

laxmikant rajput is a wwe wrestler

Laxmi Kant Rajpoot is an Indian Professional Wrestler, currently signed to WWE, under the ring name Laxmi Kant. The farmer turned Wrestler Laxmi is Trained by the Great Khali in his CWE Academy. He is a former CWE Champion. Laxmi has experience in javelin throwing and taekwondo. He has been selected from 80 Participants at the WWE India Tryout.

9. Sukhwinder Grewal

Sukhwinder Grewal is a wwe wrestler

Sukhwinder Grewal is an Indian Professional Wrestler, currently signed to WWE, under the ring name Sukhi. He is Trained by the Great Khali in his CWE Academy. And he got selected in WWE Tryout Mumbai India from 80 participants. Sukhi is also a baseball player. He is well known for his 7’2″ height and massive physique. Grewal is currently training in the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

Check out some Indian Former WWE wrestlers below, including retired, left, and former Indian WWE wrestlers.

  1. The Great Khali
  2. Mahabali Shera
  3. Gama Singh
  4. Tiger Ali Singh
  5. Kishan Raftar


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