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Khan Baba Biography

Khan Baba (Khijar Hayat Khan) is a Pakistani wrestler, who is famous for his weight and some viral videos on social media. He makes controversial videos on India and Pakistan. That’s why he got big hate on youtube. Now everyone started to hate him because of his silly and hateful videos.

Khijar Hayat Khan (Khan Baba) is a WWE fan who is highly want to join WWE. He is one of those who want to be famous by making anything. He regularly challenges professional wrestlers for wrestling a real match, mostly he challenged the Great Khali. India and Pakistan war is a very hot topic in the world, so he takes advantage of that topic to become viral. You can watch below how he makes silly videos using his weight.


Khan Baba body measurements:

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Khan BabaDetails
Nicknamekhan baba
Ring Namekhan baba
Date of Birth1992
Star Sign/ Zodiac SignN/A
Khan BabaBody Measurements
Height in Centimeters190.5 cm
Height in Meter1.9 m
Height in foot Inches6’3″ inches
Weight in Kilograms436 kg
Weight in Pound961 lb
Body MeasurementsN/A
Biceps Size23 Inches.
Chest Size95 Inches.
Waist Size55-60 inches
Body TypeLarge
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack

Some Real Facts About Khan Baba:

  • His Real Age is only 27 Years but he looks old. Then I think only God knows the reality.
  • Khan Baba’s dream is to become a WWE Universal Champion with this fat or weight.
  • Baba is grown only by the body, but in reality, he is just a kid or noob by mentality.
  • Khan Baba Doesn’t show his Body. He also won fake international weightlifting contest.
  • His other dream is to fight with Indian Wrestler Great Khali and beat him, that’s why he regularly makes video and challenges Khali to fight. Check out below what the great Khali said after this.
    Full NameKhijar Hayat Khan
    ResidenceMardan, Pakistan
    Net WorthN/A
    ProfessionYoutuber, Wrestler
    Marital Statusunmarried

Early Life:

He is Large from his birth and he says he is an inborn wrestler from Pakistan. Khan Baba is also known as hulk as he looks like the hulk and he is such a big Man. Remember the Iranian real-life Hulk? Well, it seems neighboring Pakistan has its version of the popular Marvel superhero. His name is Arbab Khizer Hayat, he weighs a whopping 436 kilograms and claims to be the strongest man alive.

Hayat, who is popularly known as Khan Baba, hails from the city of Mardan, in northern Pakistan, has risen to internet fame thanks to his imposing physique and a number of impressive feats of strength, including preventing a tractor from backing up, by holding it with his bare hands, and doing the same thing with a car, but using only one hand. And this is amazing. Khan baba can lift an average healthy person with one hand and can bend coins with one hand.

Khan baba said he grew up watching WWE wrestlers wrestling and this has enabled him to push the envelope for international players in competitive games.  This Pakistani hulk is a fan of wrestling and wants to join WWE wrestling. He says He had all things to join WWE and he is also ready for a fight any time.

When Baba turned 18, his weight started rising abruptly. He said this was due to the diet he had been taking to strengthen his body. Baba’s daily calorie intake stands at a whopping 10,000. He consumes four chickens, 36 eggs, three kilograms of meat and five liters of milk daily to prepare for the World Weightlifting Championships.

Baba hails from Mardan in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and claims to be the strongest man in the world. Historically, Paul Anderson of America held the title with a weight of 163 kilograms till his death in 1994. In 2016, American Brian Shaw clinched the title at 190 kilograms.

Khan Baba Diet

khan baba pakistan

Five liters of milk, three to four dozens eggs, and four adult chickens among other eatables constitute Baba’s daily intake of diet. He can eat what 10 people can eat in a single day. His daily diet consists of five liters of milk and four dozens eggs and four chickens, with a total caloric intake of 10,000 calories per day.

Khan Baba always do publicly stunts like anger with someone and fighting with someone or picking up a high weight or challenging anyone in the world, but he doesn’t do any match with anyone. But he said He was invited to visit Japan in 2012 where his unusual abilities fascinated many and gathered crowds in different events. He is going to participate in a car-lifting stunt in 2017 in the United States.

Recently he also challenged Indian wrestler great Khali and said you go anywhere I want to beat you after that Khali is not responded to Khan Baba. Khan Baba, a local weighing almost 360 kilograms with height over six feet who grew up watching WWE wrestlers has pushed the envelope for international players in competitive games. He said there was no culture of weightlifting in Pakistan. This, Baba said, had to change. He expressed hope of representing Pakistan in the World Weightlifting Championships with the support of the government.

Many wrestlers want to join WWE but Khan Baba is different from all of that because of his big body and different look. Khan baba always looks in news and posts videos on social media and does something different things to show his strength to people. But some times he does stupid things like picking up an old man or fighting with poor man’s that’s why some people start to tell him, fake baba.

And he also did intentional level weightlifting contest by wearing full dress except for sport shoot but Pakistani media said that was a fake contest, so some people’s started saying Khan Baba is fake baba.

Khan baba always challenges the Indian professional wrestler great Khali and says Khali I can beat you and whatever but Khali doesn’t respond to him every time. Great Khali is a professional wrestler and Khan baba is not professional he is just a local bodybuilder. So this is fight can not happen.

If Khan baba wants to join WWE then he has to maintain his body structure and have to join any wrestling academy, then he has to wrestle with some wrestlers and gain experience of wrestling after that he will make professional wrestlers. Then he can come to CWE to wrestling with the great Khali. Then it will happen.

About Khan Baba Vs Khali: this will not be happening in any situation because of Khan Baba I’d not a professional wrestler and he is not in any wrestling academy. Khali is a professional wrestler from WWE.



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