Indian Professional Wrestlers

Here is a full and updated list of each and every Indian Professional Wrestler. There are lot of Indian Wrestlers who are performing in some major wrestling promotions, and some are former Wrestlers.

  1. Jinder Mahal
  2. Samir Singh (Singh Brothers)
  3. Sunil Sihra (Singh Brothers)
  4. Akam
  5. Kavita Devi
  6. Jeet Rama
  7. Rinku Singh
  8. Saurav Gurjar
  9. Sonjay Dutt
  10. Mahabali Shera
  11. The Great Khali
  12. Rohit Raju
  13. Gama Singh
  14. Raj Singh
  15. Gurvinder Singh
  16. Bhupinder Singh
  17. Kishan Raftar
  18. Tiger Ali Singh
  19. Sukhwinder Grewal
  20. Laxmikant Rajpoot
  21. Shanky Singh

WWE Wrestlers from India

  1. The great khali: He was signed WWE on 2 January 2006. Dalip Singh Rana, better known by the ring name The Great Khali. Now he opened a wrestling academy in Jalandhar, India, called CWE. The great khali is one of the tallest people in the history of WWE and him the fourth number tallest person in WWE. Now he is the owner of a cwe Indian wrestling company In Julander. Khali is popular for his body size, height, and big structure.
  2. Jinder Mahal: He signed WWE in 2010. Yuvraj Singh Dhesi is his real name. Jinder is an Indo-Canadian professional wrestler signed to WWE, And he performs on the SmackDown brand under the ring name Jinder Mahal. Mahal is the 50th WWE world heavyweight champion of WWE. He left WWE in 2014 and returns in 2017.
  3. Singh brothers: signed WWE in 2017. A champion on the indie scene alongside his brother, Sunil, Samir Singh has always had a knack for discovering the next big opportunity and pursuing it by any means necessary.
  4. Satender dagar: He signed WWE in 2 June 2015. Satender Dagar is born on 12 January 1981. He is an Indian professional wrestler currently signed to WWE, where he competes in their developmental territory NXT under the ring name Jeet Rama. Satender dagar is an Indian real Pehalwan.
  5. love Preet Sangha or Kishan rafter: signed WWE in 2015. Kishan tartar is a kabaddi player and he was signed WWE with Satender dagar and he left WWE in his training time.
  6. Kavita Devi or Kavita Dalal: signed WWE on 15 October 2017. Kavita Devi was part of the WWE’s Mae Young Classic tournament, she has made history by becoming the first-ever woman wrestler from India. He was a cwe wrestler and he is trained by the great khali. Now she is in WWE. Kavita Devi also played many matches in WWE.
  7. Saurav gurjar: He signed WWE in 2018. Saurav is an Indian professional wrestler, sportsperson and actor, currently signed with WWE. He is best known for his role as Bheem in the TV show Mahabharat. Saurav gurjar is a good actor and he was in TNA as a deadly danda main roster.
  8. Rinku Singh: signed WWE in 2018. Singh, who gained fame from winning “Million Dollar Arm” in India and pitching in the Pittsburgh Pirates’ organization, signed a contract to perform in the WWE. Indian wrestler Rinku Singh is born in India and he lived in America in his college days for baseball playing, that’s why he speaks well American English. Watch full biography on youtube channel mahabali shera show.
  9. Mahabali shera: Signed WWE in 2018. Amanpreet Singh Randhawa is his real name. He is known for his time with the Impact Wrestling company under the ring name Mahabali Shera and Veera. Mahabali shera was in TNA impact wrestling Since 2011. Now he is going to return in TNA impact wrestling. He wrestled his first WWE nxt match with opponent Dan matha. mahabali shera done a winning debut in WWE. Now he left WWE.
  10. Akam: Akam’s real name is Sunny Dhinsa. He is a tag team partner of Razer and They also known as Authors Of Pain. And they are villainous professional wrestlers of the WWE Raw brand.
  11. Tiger Ali Singh: He was signed WWF in January 1997. Gurjit Singh Hans is an Indo-Canadian professional wrestler, best known for his time in the World Wrestling Federation under the ring name Tiger Ali Singh. He is the son of wrestler Tiger Jeet Singh. This is an old wrestler of WWE.
  12. Sonjay Dutt: signed WWE in 2019 but not as a wrestler, he signed as a backstage producer team member in WWE and NXT.

Impact Wrestlers from India

There are some Indian wrestlers in Impact Wrestling: Mahabali Shera, Rohit Raju, Gama Singh, Raj Singh, Bhupinder, and Gursinder Singh. Former Impact Wrestler Sonjay Dutt is now in WWE. He is working as a producer.


CWE Wrestlers from India

There are a lot of Indian wrestlers in CWE wrestling: Awesh pradumnya Divya, Dinesh Kumar, Laxmikant Rajpoot, Jatinder Singh, Reeta, sunny, Kavita Devi, shaky Singh, super Khalsa, super VIP, etc. these wrestlers are preparing for WWE wrestling. We can see these wrestlers in WWE in the future. Kavita Devi was a wrestler of cwe who selected for WWE. (Read full list)



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