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Saurav Gurjar & Rinku Singh Make A Dominating TV Debut in WWE NXT

On 8 April 2020, Two Indian Monsters Saurav Gurjar & Rinku Singh defeated team Ever Rise and made a dominant debut Match in WWE NXT. They also got a new tag team name “INDUS SHER” which means Indian Tigers.

As you know, on the 25th March WWE NXT’s episode, Saurav Gurjar & Rinku Singh (Indus Sher) appeared and Make WWE NXT TV Debut & Attacked NXT Tag Team Champion Matt Riddle, with Malcolm Blivens As a Manager. Malcolm Blivens was saying them the future of WWE NXT tag team decision, even this TV Debut was also very Dominating. This type of appearance was not so expected. It looks like Gurjar and Singh will now be feuding with Riddle and Dunne for their NXT Tag Team Titles.


Let’s talk about their Dominating Debut Match, This Match was in WWE NXT’s episode of 8th April 2020, where Johnny Gargano hits Tommaso Ciampa with the Fairy Tale Ending for the pin & win. In this episode of WWE NXT, there was a match between Indus Sher and Ever-Rise. This match was held just after Number one Contender Ladder Match of NXT Women’s Championship.

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Indus Sher vs Ever-Rise (WWE NXT)

After entering the ring Rinku Singh and Martel were started the match off, Rinku Singh shoving him away when he tries to lock up. Then before Parker gets the tag and Ever-Rise double up on Singh for barely one count that launches Parker into the air. Saurav Gurjar comes in and IS take out Parker before dragging him to the corner and knocking Martel off of the apron. Rinku then sends Parker into Saurav who drops him with a boot before Saurav Saurav hits a backbreaker and Rinku Singh hits a diving elbow for the pin and the win. With this Indus defeated Ever Rise and made a Dominating Debut Match in WWE NXT.

Watch Saurav Gurjar and Rinku Singh TV Debut match below



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