Singham Dubey
Manish Dubey with The Great Khali

Manish Dubey (15 May 1991) is an Indian Professional wrestler, currently signed with Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) under the ring name Singham Dubey. He is the four-time world heavyweight champion and one-time tag team champion in CWE. CWE is an Indian Pro Wrestling Promotion & Academy owned by The Great Khali.

CWE has a mixed type of Roster, and its storyline is also very unique and related to the national culture. Here is a Biography of one of those, whose name is Manish Dubey. Check out all you need to know about Indian Professional CWE Wrestler Singham Dubey Ji Aka Manish Dubey.


Singham Dubey became popular after some of his videos gone viral on youtube, which is uploaded on the official youtube channel of CWE. In that videos he is performing according to the storyline, such as his controversy with other wrestlers, he got punished by the Great Khali, and like his in-ring fight. For your kind information, some of his youtube videos reached up to 70 million+ views. You can say that he is the Poster Boy of the CWE.

Early life & Wrestling Career

After completing his education in Bachelor of Commerce in Andaman Nicobar Dubey started his pro wrestling career in 16 August 2016. First of all, he tried to convince parents to start a career in pro wrestling, you will know how tough is to get your parents to Say Yes to any new startup. Even Manish is coming from a middle-class family background. For your kind information, he is the son of a farmer, they live in Andaman Nicobar. After this, he started his training in The Great Khali’s Academy in Jalandhar Punjab, and after some time he also signed the company as a full-time wrestler.

In CWE, after wrestling several matches, he became the main roster, and also won some championships. Singham Dubey is the four-time CWE world heavyweight champion and one-time tag team champion.

Body Measurements

  • Height: 5 feet 11 inches
  • Weight: 72 kg

Wrestling Moves

  • Finisher move: Superman Punch
  • Favorite moves: Swinging Neck Breaker, Mafiya Kick, Spring bird, Swanton.

What is cwe

Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) is an Indian Pro Wrestling School and training center in Jalandhar, Punjab, India. This is the Indian version of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). The Founder and Owner of The CWE, Dalip Singh Rana (The Great Khali) is a former WWE wrestler. The school has produced some well-known wrestlers such as Kavita Devi, Shanky Singh, Laxmikant Rajput, and Sukhi Grewal.

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