Super Khalsa

Super Khalsa is an Indian Professional Wrestler. He is a former Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) wrestler.

  1. Real Name: Inder Singh
  2. Birthplace: Jalandhar, Punjab
  3. Age: 28
  4. Super Khalsa Recent Status: Now he is not in a CWE wrestling company.
  5. He recently  gave a WWE tryout in November

Super Khalsa Achievements:

According to Super Khalsa, he is a formal national-level powerlifting champion. He also won a title in Indian’s strongest man games. Super Khalsa wrestled with crimson, Hernández, facade aka neon, ninja cwe coach. Khalsa is the winner of Mr. Singh Punjab 2018 show. And he also did acting in the movie (Agadbam). The great khali and some cwe wrestlers are being invited in Kapil Sharma show, that time super Khalsa was there with khali. Khalsa gave a WWE tryout in November 17.


Body Measurements :

  1. Height : 6′ (six feet)
  2. Weight : 115 kg
  3. Biceps: 20 inches
  4. Chest: 50 inches
  5. Eye and hair color: black

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About Super Khalsa Vs Khan Baba :

guys as you know Khan Baba recently challenged khali. And because of no response from khali, Khan baba said some bad words about khali. That’s why super Khalsa who is a student of the great khali in cwe wrestling, accepts a challenge of Khan Baba and he said he is ready to fight with Khan Baba. And they discussed this topic.

But in this story, there are some conditions which are going to stop this fight, that is Khan Baba needs to show his body, and he needs to be a professional wrestler, and he has to prove he is a professional wrestler. then super Khalsa is ready to fight with Khan Baba. This is the real heart of the matter.

About cwe: Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) is an Indian professional wrestling promotion and training academy that is founded and owned by Indian professional wrestler The Great Khali. Pro wrestler Joe Byrd (aka Xavier Justice) of Pure Pro Wrestling (Michigan, USA), along with other professional wrestlers Matt XStatic, Ethan HD and Darryl Sharma (aka Hornet) currently serve as trainers for the promotion.

CWE was founded by former WWE Superstar The Great Khali on January 18, 2015, after returning from the United States. His aim was to promote the professional wrestling sport in his country India to the young generation. 

What are chances of cwe wrestlers being recruited by WWE: It has a fever chance that you’re recruited to WWE after CWE, they (WWE)  consider CWE. CWE is named much, but it’s​ just because India does not has much promotions, could say it’s the only one. That talents and storyline won’t be able to compete with OVW, NWA, ROH, NJPW, GFW, but it is good for Indian wrestlers. yes, it requires them to compete with them in order to get a better chance of recruitment.

The CWE suffers from lack of competition i.e they don’t have much competition so whatever they do they’ll yet be the number one and only Indian promotions. No stakes to compete for the same.

Indian talent from CWE may be athletic, maybe a good pro wrestler but major of them suffer from one big thing that is Mic Skills. You should have a bit of foreign accent, so that crowd won’t chant WHAT every time you speak. Jinder Mahal is doing bit well, though he gets a few of Panjabi lines.



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