Should The Big Dog face The Fiend at the Grandest Stage of them All....

Why The Fiend v/s Roman Reigns should not happen at WrestleMania 36

As per the recent rumors, Roman Reigns is the current favorite to win the 2020 Royal Rumble and face The Fiend Bray Wyatt in the main event of WrestleMania 36 for the Universal Championship. It seems that Vince McMahon and co. are ready to push Reigns into the main event scene again. Unlike in 2015, Roman’s push has been more steady and organic. The Big Dog is over with the fans, and his work is appreciated by the critics time and again. It seems that Reigns is ready to become the face of the company once again. But, I guess that having Reigns fight ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt at the Grandest Stage of them All will not be a good idea.

The first reason is the damage it will cause to Reigns’ gimmick. Ever since Reigns defeated Leukemia and made his return at WrestleMania 35, Reigns came across as a strong character who never backs down from a fight. His gimmick has gained depth and has been embraced by the fans as well. He also has a ton of momentum by his side, being the sole survivor in the 2019 Survivor Series Men’s Elimination Tag Team match. This momentum will only increase after Reigns wins his second Royal Rumble. Him losing to the Fiend will not only lead to him losing momentum but will also reduce the Reigns’ credibility. It was a wise decision to keep Reigns out of the title picture, so that when he goes after the Universal Championship, the title he never lost, it will feel special. But, him losing the match will make Reigns a warrior without a purpose. Reigns will lose credibility and will become a man of hollow words. With him destined to be the poster boy of WWE, the promotion will certainly try to prevent this from happening.


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On the flip side, if Reigns wins, the amount of backlash he will suffer will be immeasurable. The Fiend is perhaps the most well planned and thoughtfully crafted gimmick WWE has presented in years. Though he wrestles very few matches, Wyatt’s weekly FunHouse segments and attacks on other superstars are always providing us with intriguing content. Though he will be close to a 6-month title reign by the time WrestleMania 36 rolls around (quite long by current WWE standards), this gimmick has a lot left for exploring. Take, for example, the duality of Wyatt’s character. For the first time, we will be witnessing the Fun House Wyatt fighting in a match when he takes on The Miz at TLC. So, does this mean that Bray Wyatt is a stepping stone to the Fiend or that the Fiend is just an ego that takes over Wyatt in time of need? You will realize that there are many unanswered questions about the Fiend gimmick. Also, it will be a refreshing change to have a long yet entertaining world title reign in WWE. With the Fiend’s custom belt introduced, having The Fiend lose will waste all the time and effort put into this single gimmick. 

Going for yet another screwy finish will be bad for both the parties involved. The fans won’t even buy the idea of a disqualification. The crowd booing Seth Rollins and talking about WWE losing faith in Wyatt’s gimmick after the unclear end to their Hell in a Cell match is the best example. If WWE repeats the mistake on an even bigger stage, they can expect low ratings and massive fan backlash to follow. In short, this will be a loss for all involved. 

So, how should WWE book these two Superstars?

Well, this is the main question. Both Reigns and Wyatt are two of the biggest superstars of the not only WWE but the entire wrestling industry, and they need to fight some big names to sell out WWE’s flagship event.

How should WWE book the event, then?

As vague and foolish it may sound, I will go with The Fiend defending his title against The Undertaker in a Career v/s Title match, while Roman Reigns will go up against Goldberg in a ‘Battle of the Spears’ themed storyline. You might be thinking that with two of the biggest stars of the blue brand facing two part-timers, how will the rest of the roster be booked for the Showcase of Immortals. Well, you will have to wait quite some time for it, as we are currently working on our predictions for the entire WrestleMania 36 match card.

Let us start with The Fiend v/s The Undertaker. We all know that Taker is way past his prime and has not only missed WrestleMania but a Saudi PPV as well this year. He has been in a lot of out-of-character interviews recently too. All these facts indicate a possible retirement for the Prince of Darkness. Both WrestleMania and The Undertaker define each other, and thus it will be a wise decision to have this match take place on the Showcase of Immortals. Also, the fans will get yet another dream match in the form of The Fiend v/s The Undertaker, which can turn out to be a good one, given that Wyatt is talented enough to carry a match on his shoulders. A classic WrestleMania main event will be the perfect way for The Phenom to ride off into the sunset. Their previous feud, except for the outcome, was a huge success. With Wyatt reaching a whole new level as The Fiend, things will only be better this time.

On the other hand, Reigns has proved time and again that he can put up a good match with even a broomstick. Reigns putting up a decent showing against Goldberg and getting the win will certainly raise his stock in the business. Given their busy Hollywood schedule, I doubt whether The Rock or John Cena will return to the WWE this year for a full-fledged feud.

Both these feuds will serve justice to all the men involved. Also, this gives WWE two big programs that have the capability of selling PPVs. In short, avoiding the Reigns/Fiend program for WrestleMania will be Best for Business.

So, do you agree that WWE should not book The Fiend v/s Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 36, dear readers? Which match should instead take place on the Grandest Stage of them All? Be sure to voice your opinion in the comments and keep following SportNewsWale for the latest wrestling news, rumors, and predictions!




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