laxmikant rajput is a wwe wrestler
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Guru Raaj explains how he got his Ring Name in WWE

The First Indian High flyer in WWE, Guru Raaj reveled, how they get their ring names. In an interview with WWE Now India host Gaelyn Mendonca, Guru Raaj revealed the full procedure of Ring names in WWE.

Who Guruis  Raaj?

Guru Raaj‘s real name is Laxmikant Rajpoot, he is an Indian professional wrestler, Raaj hails from Bandia, India, currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) on its 205 Live brands under the ring name Guru Raaj.


How do WWE Wrestlers get their Ring Name?

According to Guru Raaj, WWE asks new wrestlers, to give them three or more ring names suitable to you (means wrestler). These names should be in order to your choice priority, just like the first name means top priority. WWE also asks some description about every name, to know that, why you want this ring name, etc. Then WWE chooses one name from that list, and that will be the wrestler’s final ring name.

Guru Raaj said, there is a big story behind my Ring Name, he said I wrote this ring name in my last priority position, but I got this Guru Raaj name. He also said, this is also a good name, and this is my choice. Guru said I like to wake up in the early morning, Praying to God, I belives in God and traditional culture, and Guru Raaj is connected to these things.

More about this interview

In this interview, Guru Raaj talked about his Ring Name. He said his favorite WWE wrestler is Ray Mysterio. He discussed his first meeting with Mysterio. Raaj also said I would like to make a tag team with Ray Mysterio one day. Guru also said I feel proud when I realize that, I am the first Indian High Flier in WWE. Raas also explained his early life in the interview, and some other things.



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